Pavillon France at 2012 Expo Yeosu Korea

Pavillon France at 2012 EXPO YEOSU KOREA, designed by D.P.J. & Partners Ltd, has been successfully opened.

2012 EXPO YEOSU KOREA, conceptualizing the most desirable future for the ocean who is essentially linked with the survival of humankind, is divided into 3 sub-themes ; Coastal development and preservation, new resources technology and creative maritime activities.

Among them, Pavillon France shows the process of desalination through 4 showrooms with its mascot, Sogeumi, as below.

[Space 1: The Crystal room]
It figures “Sogeumi” in its original sea salt environment, expressed here by salt crystals. The room introduces, as well on screens, the richness of all the French sea side around the world. A big aquarium displays French robot fishes.

[Space 2: The Sea Orbiter]
It introduces a French sea ship especially designed for the survey of marine stream motion.

[Space 3: The Membrane]
It reproduces a “membrane” type machine which is used in the process of desalination by molecular pressure.

[Space 4: The Cellular Garden]
This room displays a dream garden created thanks to desalination water. Symbols of harmony between nature and technologies, robots are in charge of the garden animation.

Duration : 12th May ~12th Aug, 2012
Venues : Yeosu, Korea
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